I am a native Spanish national from Spain in Southern Europe. Castilian Spanish is my mother tongue and it is the standard for educated Spanish. I have a 5 year University Degree in Humanities, as well as a MA, a PhD and several years working as a researcher and academic.

This involved of course the routinely use of word processors, spreadsheets, databases, image processing programmes such as Photoshop and GIMP, MicrografX Designer and others; GIS based software such as ArcView and ArcGis and others, to prepare manuscripts, maps, reports, conferences and talks. Earlier on, I was the PA of the Manager of a large University for several years, and held other clerical positions.

I have been living many years in the US and the UK working as an academic and am fairly bilingual. An issue with English to Spanish translation is the many idioms employed. I do understand these perfectly and know their counterparts in the other language. I am a very fast typist both in Spanish and in English. I am also a creative writer. I count on home computer, fast broadband connection and the most popular office software.

I am aiming to build a career as freelance online translator. I am a hard working, commited, motivated and reliable individual that takes pride in the satisfactions of her customers. I guarantee that your documents will result 100% grammar, spelling, meaning and typo error free.

Since I am new in the freelancing world, and trying now to build a portfolio, my prices are now reduced.


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